Crosswinds Flight School | You Were Born to Fly!
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Real Planes.. Real Training

At Crosswinds Flight School we are all about real training. As a trainee you will learn not only how to fly, but also the science of flight. Our pilots train on true ‘stick and rudder’ planes, being in full control. This allows us to train you in real life situations where you experience the gamut of all scenarios and are prepared to handle them should they arise. Oh, and by the way- IT’S A LOT OF FUN!!!

Plane Rental

Crosswinds welcomes new aircraft renters! Great care is taken to ensure that our aircraft are maintained to the highest standard so that you, our valued customer, can always be assured of a clean, well-maintained aircraft to fly.

Flight Instruction

First Time Flyers looking for an Introduction Flight to Aspiring Pilots we teach everyone. Our unique programs are designed to get you into the cockpit right away. No Flight Simulators here, only real planes, real pilots, real training!

Ground School

Private Pilot Ground School will help cover all aeronautical knowledge items required of a Private pilot. Ground School is delivered in a local classroom style setting and taught by a knowledgeable instructor. Lessons are progressive and differ every month.

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo Da Vinci

Work Hard and Fly Harder

At Crosswinds Flight School we live by that quote.  Aviation is a part of us and it is our mission to share that passion with you. With over two decades of experience, Crosswinds Flight School has helped aviation enthusiasts reach their professional and recreational aviation goals. Our flight school is FAA- Approved; and, offers certified flight training and more. At Crosswinds you’ll get superior teaching from highly-trained instructors in a friendly, professional environment. Stop ‘dreaming’. Start Flying at Crosswinds Flight School-take your adventure to a new height!