African American woman flying a private plane PRIVATE PILOT – This is the starting point for your journey to becoming a pilot. Whether you want to fly for pleasure or are looking for a career, Crosswinds Flight School is what you have been looking for. Regulations require that you have a minimum of 40 hours of flying before you can get a license. Most people, according to National averages, take approximately 55 hours. The number of hours you need depends on how often you fly and how much review you will need. We recommend flying at least once a week. You must be 17 years old to get your license; however, you can solo when you are 16. We have students who have started flying as young as age 12. Other requirements include passing an FAA 3rd Class Flight physical, written test, and, finally, a flight test. Some of your hours will be spent with an instructor and other time will be solo. Your training will start with the basics, and move up to solo, and then on to cross-countries. Cross-countries include flights up to 150 miles. Your cross country will not take place until both you and your instructor think you are ready. We have the text books and other supplies necessary for your training; and will help you with individual ground school to prepare for the written exam. You will still be doing a fair amount of studying on your own; but our instructors will help you fine-tune your training. It’s easier than you think to earn your Private Pilot Certificate. A typical flight lesson begins with a short preflight briefing where you and your instructor discuss the learning objectives for your lesson. Next, you and your instructor perform a preflight inspection of the aircraft and prepare for flight. Under your flight instructors, guidance you will take the controls and fly the aircraft performing the maneuvers discussed prior to flight. At all times, your instructor will be providing input and assistance to ensure a relaxed and safe training environment.

Flight training is typically a pay-as-you-go and therefore you are not required to pay for all your flight training up front. FINANCING IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL CERTIFICATIONS  


INSTRUMENT RATING – This rating comes into play when inclement weather and diminished external visibility impair your visual flight. Like the Private Pilot, a minimum of 40 hours is required; but this course focuses more on the instrument panel and use of radios to fly. This course greatly increases your safety as a pilot. INSTRUCTORS – Our instructors have been flying a variety of aircraft for many years. They are dedicated to providing you the best experience throughout your flight training. They recognize that students have many needs and work diligently to meet those needs. PAYMENT OPTIONS – All major credit cards accepted, along with cash or check. Crosswinds Flight School also offers financial assistance to our customers through Pilot Finance. Usually the lessons are pay-as-you-go. Some students, however, value the ability to complete their flight training without worrying about paying for each indi